Double Shoot Manifold Assembly, Full Venturi, TBH



For tow behind carts, 2.5" tubes
Romafa: JAS4771A
The Romafa stainless steel manifold assembly is designed to give you years of trouble-free seeding. No sliding gates that need to be cycled regularly to keep them usable. Larger openings at the top to prevent bridging. Just slide in the insert for feeding the top or bottom shoot and you are good to go. The Romafa manifold assembly gives you all the components for below meter housing in one package.

Components included:
Stainless steel manifold
Seal (meter housing to manifold)
Couplers & clamps to connect the tubes to the manifold
Stainless steel mounting hardware
Valves for adjustable tank pressurization
8 pipe end caps to plug runs on 6 run setups

NOTE: We show a couple pictures of the manifold with an insert - Inserts are a separate item, giving you the chance to configure your cart according to your needs.
JAS4777A - Top shoot insert
JAS4772A - Bottom shoot insert

COMPATIBILITY NOTE: The Romafa Complete Manifold is compatible with OEM JD meterhousings; however, the bottom of the lower plastic inserts will need to be trimmed slightly.
1900, 1910