How it all started

Romafa Metal Works was started in 2012 when Ronald Kornelsen left his job as a designer and embraced the venture of starting a small family business at his home, 8 miles north of Arborg, Manitoba. It started off with doing welding, machining and repair work for the local agricultural community. Ronald, who has a history of designing and prototype work in the metal industry, offered his skills and services of this nature to the needs and ideas of his customers. Marcela, Ronald’s wife, along with their children, stood together with Ronald to make this transition and business startup a success. The name ROMAFA, which comes from using the first two letters of Ronald & Marcela & Family, is a reflection of the value Ronald places on family and relationships. The Kornelsen family is a busy family; in addition to running the family business, they are always ready to reach out and minister to many other needs and opportunities, both in the local community and further abroad. God has very abundantly blessed them in their lives.

Romafa Metal Works very quickly became known as a productive and venturous business. Local - as well as distant customers - came to have their machinery repaired and improved. New ideas were offered, designed, built and tried. This opened up many opportunities of business. Romafa Metal Works, with the help and expertise of their innovative and responsible employees, has grown to be a business of many different projects and products. Our philosophy for growth in the industry is simple: Accept and respond quickly to the needs of our customers. We enjoy the relationships that this has built with our customers. We look forward to being a business that will provide solutions and services to our customers all over the map.