At Romafa Metal Works we do more than just stainless steel air seeder parts. We do many custom jobs and come up with unique solutions and inventions to solve the problems that customers bring us. We work with you, the customer, incorporating your ideas, to come up with a solution for your unique situation. Some of the many things we have done are—

• Alfalfa seed sieve for combine that reduces the curls among your alfalfa seed by a minimum of 50%
• Heavy duty hydraulic press
• Sprayer boom for ditch sprayer truck—a lightweight soft-ride arm that is very shock and wear resistant
• Custom heavy duty cylinder for rock puller
• A large heavy duty seed mixer for a seed company

Romafa is blessed to have a great team of employees that make this all possible. Our team has a wide variety of expertise in metal work—design, welding, forming, machining, etc. Add to that the hands-on experience our team has with working on different farms and many types of equipment and you have a winning combination.

Have a custom project you need done? Contact us with the details and we will be happy to give you a quote.