Romafa Metal Works Team Members

Ronald Kornelsen (Owner / Sales)
Hello, and welcome to Romafa’s Team page. Here you get to take a look behind the scenes and see a glimpse of the dedicated individuals who are working hard to bring you the quality Romafa products. I very much appreciate each one in our team. I have been amazed to see how God has blessed Romafa. When we stepped out in faith in 2012 to start our own business, we had never expected the business to grow so quickly. It is my desire that Romafa would continue to operate in such a way as to experience God’s blessings. Business without relationship would be a very bleak life. We strive for good relationships in our company, and also with our customers. Welcome to our site.
Jim Kinnaman (Sales)
Honest, Funny, Well-groomed, Pleasant to work with—this is how we know Jim. Jim started at Romafa in June 2018 doing purchasing and sales. He has since transitioned to sales only, representing Romafa across North America, Australia, and even into Russia. His role covers working with dealers and customers, hitting the road for trade shows, visiting customers, and the office work that comes along with the job.
David Guenter (Customer Service)
David is the second longest serving employee here at Romafa. He started here in June of 2014, and has done much to help build Romafa to the business that it is today. He was shop manager for quite a few years, and it was David who really got Romafa going with building stainless air seeder parts. As the business grew, he took on costumer service, and is now also responsible for overseeing all product development that we do at Romafa.
Lanus Dueck (General Manager)
Lanus is a person that has been around the world, quite literally. He has many years of experience in local manufacturing shops, working on the floor and also being a team leader. He has also spent quite a few years in Asia, helping lead ministry there. He joined Romafa in November of 2020, taking on leadership responsibility in the business.
Jeffrey Kornelsen (Purchasing)
Jeffrey’s history at Romafa goes back to the beginning of the business, when he helped his dad in the shop after school. Once he graduated from high school in June 2014, he started working full time at Romafa, doing anything and everything that needed to be done. As Romafa grew and started doing the stainless steel, Jeffrey took on welding, and then transitioned over to leading in assembly and shipping. He has now transitioned to purchasing. In his free time he likes to read, and when the money allows, he also likes to travel.
Jennifer Kornelsen
When you call Romafa, you will often hear Jennifer’s cheerful voice at our end of the line answering your call. She started working part time at Romafa in May 2020. She pays the bills, runs payroll, makes sure we don’t run out of coffee, and in general keeps things looking clean and fresh. Jennifer really enjoys making good food, and when she has time, she likes to enjoy a good book.
Rey Reimer
Here is a man that enjoys designing things, but not just the quickest, simplest way. Rey is a man that values and prioritizes quality, even if it takes extra effort and time. He started at Romafa in the morning; well, make that April of 2015. He joined Romafa as a part-time employee, coming in to do the accounting. He has since transitioned to the design team, where his years of expertise are a valuable asset.
Jacob Guenter
Have you brought something to Romafa for repair? Then you have most likely had the chance to meet Jacob, the face of Romafa to the local farmers. There are not many problems where he does not soon have a creative solution for. It’s also his creativity that has brought about many of the high quality Romafa products and the efficient, accurate way of building them. He has been with Romafa since June 2015.
Abe Woelke
Abe has been part of the Romafa team since September of 2017. He has been flexible with his duties, working in welding, washing, and operating the saw. Abe is the type of man that when he sets a goal, he sticks to it till it is done. His hobby is working on small gas engines.
Isaiah Dueck
If you have received a shipment of parts from Romafa and noticed that all the parts were there, and they were packaged with care, well, you can thank Isaiah. He has been with the business since March 2019; and his cheerful, positive attitude make Romafa a better place for the whole team. For fun, Isaiah will often head out and do target shooting.
Henry Friesen
Oh Henry! The joy and laughter he brings to the job site does a lot to make the day better for the rest of the team. Henry started at Romafa in March 2017 and brought with him many years of experience in the metal fabrication industry. He is an experienced welder, producing many high quality parts.
Alvin Kornelsen
Alvin is a man that values family very highly; he also loves meeting and connecting with new friends. Alvin started with Romafa in August of 2019, taking on the job of purchaser. His hobby—finding good deals on quads and lawn mowers, which he then resells.
John Guenther
John started his career at Romafa in February 2018 doing assembly. He has transitioned to doing the washing and also general shop maintenance. If nobody takes time to keep things organized and cleaned up, John steps up to the task and does it, making Romafa a better place for everyone. John is a volunteer with the local fire department, and when he has spare time, he enjoys fixing up old vehicles.
Wadyn Dueck
Wadyn is part of the great team working in assembly, doing his best to make sure that each part that leaves our yard is a quality product that will serve the customer well for a long time. He has been part of the team since October 2019. If you need to know the price of almost anything with wheels, or you are looking to buy a tractor, car, or quad; just talk to Wadyn, he takes a keen interest in knowing the prices of these things.
Jake Wiens
Here is a man that loves his family and is willing to sacrifice things in order to bless them. Jake joined the Romafa team in September of 2020. He has assembled very many meter housings since that time, doing his best to make sure that each one will work well and look good once it is installed on the customer’s air cart.
Lee Pezak
A hardworking team player—that describes Lee. He joined the Romafa team in November of 2020 as a welder. His prior work experience includes aviation engine repair, where he handled the repair workflow for aviation engines; as well as time in the oil and gas industry, where he did welding and maintenance.
Nathan Loewen
Nathan is an avid outdoorsman, enjoying time out on the boat, cooking over the fire in the wilderness, or just riding his motorcycle. He started at Romafa in August 2018, bringing with him a wide range of experience, both in the industrial sector, as well as operating his own small business. Nathan has been flexible in his work responsibilities, helping out where needed—welding, QC, brake operator, machinist, and team leader.
Alex Sawatzky
Alex joined the team here in January 2021. He comes from a farming background, and still helps at home as needed on their cattle and grain farm. He came to Romafa with experience as a laser and brake operator. He currently operates our new 255 tonne AccuPress brake, forming parts to a level of accuracy that leaves nothing to be wished for. He really enjoys sports, especially hocky and golf.
Diedrich Wiens
Diedrich is a generous man. You show up at work and find a treat at your workplace—it’s probably been put there by Diedrich. His positive, cheerful attitude is a big blessing to Romafa; he says there is no place he would rather work than here at Romafa. He has been a welder with the company since January 2019, doing stainless steel welding.
Jayden Kornelsen
Jayden has been working at Romafa since January 2019. He does much to make sure our parts looks good and function as they should—cleaning parts, checking to ensure quality welds, and then stocking them in their designated spots so they are ready to be shipped. He is a passionate volunteer at the local fire department, and in his spare time he likes to pull out one of his rifles and do some target practice.
Franz Peters
Usually a high rate of production means that quality suffers, but not when Franz is holding the welding gun. He came to Romafa in September of 2020, bringing with him many years of welding experience, both here in Canada and also in his homeland of Paraguay. His positive, respectful attitude makes it great to work with him.
Kristin Bartsch
“Yes, I am really that tall.” Kristin is a man that we all literally look up to, as he measures in at 6’ 8”. He started at Romafa in May 2021, working as saw operator and welder. He is also a volunteer firefighter with the local fire department, and as a hobby he enjoys doing woodwork.
Lewis Kornelsen
Lewis comes to Romafa with a wide range of experience—teaching, working in the livestock industry, overseeing production workflow, etc. He started at Romafa in September 2020. His job includes designing, improving Romafa customer experience, and in general tying up loose ends in our design department. One of his favourite places to be is on the tractor out in the fields.
Herman Friesen
Herman joined the Romafa team in July 2021 as a welder. He comes with a ready happy laugh, as well as many years experience—in Belize working as a mechanic and doing general farm work, and since 2016, as a welder in the metal fabrication industry here in Canada. When he has the chance, he loves to spend time at the water, fishing.