Romafa Metal Works Team Members

Ronald Kornelsen
Hello, and welcome to Romafa’s Team page. Here you get to take a look behind the scenes and see a glimpse of the dedicated individuals who are working hard to bring you quality Romafa products. I really appreciate each one in our team. I have been amazed to see how God has blessed Romafa. When we stepped out in faith in 2012 to start our own business, we had never expected the business to grow so quickly. It is my desire that Romafa would continue to operate in such a way as to experience God’s blessings. Business without relationship would be a very bleak life. We strive for good relationships in our company, and also with our customers. Welcome to our site.
Abe Wiebe
Abe enjoys learning and figuring out how things work. Whether it is his computer at home or a machine at work, give Abe some time and he will soon know what is causing the problem. Abe started as the saw operator in 2022 but quickly became familiar with the pipe bender and the press brake. Currently Abe operates the brake and does a good job ensuring the parts are formed properly.
Abe Woelck
Abe has been part of the Romafa team since September of 2017. He has been flexible with his duties, operating the saw, washing, and now working in welding. Abe is the type of man that when he sets a goal, he sticks to it till it is done. His hobby is working on small gas engines.
Abram Friesen
Abram started working with Romafa in 2023. He started as a welder but quickly was found to be valuable in many other areas of the business. Abram will sometimes also be found operating the pipe bender or assembling parts. Abram loves his family and makes sure that they are well taken care of.
Alex Wiens
Alex joined Romafa full time after his high school graduation in 2023. He has spent time in the assembly department, completing products and putting them in inventory. Since then, he has moved to operating the saw, cutting thousands of pieces per year. Alex enjoys being with people and will often be spending time with friends on evenings and weekends.
Technical Support
Alonso Sawatzky
If you have had questions regarding our product, you have likely been talking with Alonso. He joined Romafa in 2022 as our sales and tech support, with a lot of farming experience. He still does some farming on the side and is well capable to answer any questions. Alonso enjoys ice fishing if the time allows. It’s a hobby that he enjoys doing with friends.
Alvin Kornelsen
Alvin is a man that values family very highly; he also loves meeting and connecting with new friends. Alvin started with Romafa in 2019, taking on the job of purchaser. He now is the driver for Romafa doing deliveries and pickups, and helps out in assembly in between trips. His hobby—finding good deals on quads and lawn mowers, which he then resells.
Benny Wiens
Benny is a passionate man in whatever he does at home or at work. He enjoys his family at home and enjoys playing sports with his children. At work, Benny’s passion translates to healthy leadership and motivation for the assembly team that he leads. He has been with Romafa since 2022 and his leadership skills are highly valued.
Brian Leschyshyn
Brian makes sure that the people working around him stay cheerful. You will always receive a cheerful “Good morning” from Brian when you pass his work station in the morning. Since 2022, Brian has been working at Romafa making sure that the product is of good quality. He spends hours every day deburring parts and is very helpful in many other areas of the shop. He enjoys antiques and working on older tractors as his hobby.
Clayton Loewen
Clayton is someone who does not like to do nothing. Even in his free time, he will either put his fingers to work playing banjo or put his brain to work in a game of sudoku. He started his work at Romafa in 2024 and is working in the shipping department doing his best to ensure the customer receives the product that he needs.
Dave Sumka
If you see a unique formed part or tube, it has likely passed through Dave’s hands. Dave started at Romafa in 2021 and has worked on the hydraulic press forming parts with various punches and molds. He has a generous heart and is quick to notice if someone is in need. Dave enjoys the outdoors by fishing and hunting when he finds the time.
David Klassen
Starting in 2022, David has been a huge asset in the design department. He has spent many years working with a trailer manufacturer as their designer and now brings that experience to Romafa. With his years of design experience, complex projects become simple. David is a man who enjoys projects, even rebuilding and refurbishing a touring bus is not too much for him.
Diedrich Wiens
Diedrich is a generous man. You show up at work and find a treat at your workplace—it’s probably been put there by Diedrich. His positive, cheerful attitude is a big blessing to Romafa. He says there is no place he would rather work than here at Romafa. He has been a welder with the company since 2019.
Franz Peters
Usually, a high rate of production means that quality suffers, but not when Franz is holding the welding gun. He came to Romafa in 2020, bringing with him many years of welding experience, both here in Canada and also in Paraguay, his homeland. His positive, respectful attitude makes it great to work with him.
Gilbert Kornelsen
Gilbert is a smart man who enjoys solving problems. The more equations and formulas required for the solution, the better. He works in the research and development department, where he makes use of the large amount of shop floor experience that he has gained by having grown up alongside the business. He has been working fulltime since 2023.
Herman Friesen
Herman joined the Romafa team in 2021 as a welder. He comes with a ready happy laugh, as well as many years experience working as a mechanic and doing general farm work. Since 2016, he has been a welder in the metal fabrication industry here in Canada. When he has the chance, he loves to spend time at the water, fishing.
Isaiah Dueck
If you have received a shipment of parts from Romafa and noticed that all the parts were there, and that they were packaged with care, you can thank Isaiah. He has been with Romafa since 2019, and his cheerful, positive attitude make Romafa a better place for the whole team. For fun, Isaiah will often head out and do target shooting.
Jacob Guenter
Jacob enjoys solving problems. There are not many problems for which he does not soon have a creative solution. It’s also his creativity that has brought about many of the high quality Romafa products and the efficient, accurate ways of building them. He has been with Romafa since 2015 and is now leading the production team.
Jake Dyck
Jake joined Romafa in 2023 with a lot of experience in the electrical world. He works in testing and designing the section control system and is leading that department. He is a quiet type of person and sticks to a task. Besides working at Romafa, Jake enjoys going on road trips as well as hikes.
Jake Wiens
Here is a man that loves his family and is willing to sacrifice things in order to bless them. Jake joined the Romafa team in 2020. He has assembled many meter housings since that time, doing his best to make sure that each one will work well and look good once it is installed on the customer’s air cart.
General Manager
Jeffrey Kornelsen
Jeffrey’s history at Romafa goes back to the beginning of the business, when he helped his dad in the shop after school. In 2014, he started working full time at Romafa, doing anything and everything that needed to be done. As Romafa grew, Jeffrey took on welding, and then transitioned over to leading in assembly and shipping. He currently serves as the general manager of Romafa.
Jennifer Kornelsen
When you call Romafa, you will often hear Jennifer’s cheerful voice at the other end of the line answering your call. She started working part time at Romafa in 2020. She pays the bills, runs payroll, makes sure we don’t run out of coffee, and in general keeps things looking clean and fresh. Jennifer really enjoys making good food, and when she has time, she likes to enjoy a good book.
Jeremiah Dueck
Jeremiah started at Romafa in 2022 as part of the assembly team. He is one who sticks to the job and makes sure that it is done well. You can give him a job and he will make sure it happens. Jeremiah enjoys picking up his camera and doing some photography as his hobby.
Jim Kinnaman
Honest, funny, well-groomed, pleasant to work with—this is how we know Jim. Jim started at Romafa in 2018 doing purchasing and sales. He has since transitioned to sales only, representing Romafa across North America, Australia, and even in Russia. His role covers working with dealers and customers, hitting the road for trade shows, visiting customers, and the office work that comes along with the job.
John Guenther
John started his career at Romafa in February 2018. In his time at Romafa he has spent most of his time in assembly, having also done some maintenance if needed. If nobody takes time to keep things organized and cleaned up, John steps up to the task and does it, making Romafa a better place for everyone. When he has spare time, John enjoys fixing up vehicles.
John Martens
John joined Romafa in 2022 as part of the shipping team. He has since moved on to pickling and washing parts, a job that is critical in making the parts look good. If John is not washing parts he is helping out in assembly or loading/unloading trucks. John enjoys sports and can often be found either on the volley ball courts or the hockey rinks in the evenings.
Kristin Bartsch
“Yes, I am really that tall.” Kristin is a man that we all literally look up to, as he measures in at 6’ 8”. He started at Romafa in 2021, working as saw operator and welder and is now one of the CNC machine operators. He is a volunteer firefighter with the local fire department, and as a hobby he enjoys doing woodwork.
Lee Pezak
A hardworking team player—that describes Lee. He joined the Romafa team in 2020 as a welder. His prior work experience includes aviation engine repair, where he handled the repair workflow for aviation engines; as well as time in the oil and gas industry where he did welding and maintenance. Lee is not easily distracted and will stick to a project till it is completed.
Peter Knelsen
Peter started working at Romafa in 2019. He moved to South America for some time but came back to Romafa in 2022. He has since been a key person of the assembly team taking on the more complicated projects. If you ask Peter to take a project, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. Peter will make sure it happens.
Peter Reimer
Peter has been with Romafa since 2022. He started off in the wash bay and did a good job with that. He has since transitioned into the assembly department and has become a key individual in quality production. Peter enjoys making a good BBQ with his family and friends and is a friendly person to have around.
Rodney Reimer
In 2021 Rodney started working at Romafa. He came with years of CNC machining experience and fit right into Romafa’s machining department. He enjoys a machining challenge and will look for ways to speed up production. Rodney also enjoys fishing, winter or summer, and likes to spend time with family and friends in that way.
Wadyn Dueck
Wadyn started at Romafa in 2019 as part of the assembly team. Later on, he transitioned in the purchasing role. Wadyn enjoys doing research and making sure that the items he buys are of good quality and not over priced, whether for Romafa or for his personal use. After working hours, Wadyn enjoys working on his dad’s hobby farm.
Wayne Barkman
Wayne joined Romafa in 2023 and has been working in the wiring department. With past experience in electrical and wiring, he is a big asset in working with Romafa’s section control system. On summer evenings or weekends, you will often find Wayne out riding trails with his bike or on fairways enjoying a game of golf.